Railroad Components

Wagon Components

This product line consists of cast steel components for the ends of railcars and locomotives of the E and F systems, such as Couplings, Clamps, Jaws, Cotters, Crossheads and other components, as well as parts for the wagon truck such as side frames, center plates and Bogie Bolsters.


Considered maximum safety items, the couplings have become an expertise of Ecoplan, which delivers these sets fully assembled and tested in the factory. Having already supplied more than 13,500 sets of system E couplings, in 2018 Ecoplan also began supplying system F couplings.

Ecoplan jaws, another safety item, also have their quality widely recognized in the market, to which we have already supplied more than 25,000 units of 11” and 15” of the E and F systems.


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