Founded in 1987, ECOPLAN Steel Castings started its history in the city of Cachoeirinha/RS, with the objective of supplying wear parts for the CRUSHING AND MILLING equipment of Ecoplan Mining, a company dedicated to the production of limestone ore in the region of Nobres/MT, which belonged to the same corporate group.

Demand from other mining operations made the casting plant expand along with its process technology, and soon Ecoplan launched a second product line, CUSTOM PARTS FOR INDUSTRY – parts with particular specifications, developed on demand for companies in the metal mechanic sector and assemblers of industrial and road machinery.

Following its strategy of continuous and diversified growth, in 1991 a product line composed of wearings and replacement parts for Ground Penetration Equipment was created, the GET – GROUND ENGAGING TOOLS line, now nationally recognized for its high quality and superior resistance.

After a long process of materials research and field-testing, in 2007 the company step into the RAILWAY segment, developing a product line composed of parts such as Couplings, Jaws, Clamps, among other components for wagons and railways.

Ecoplan is currently based in an Industrial Park of 28,000 square meters, in which its 13,000 m2 manufacturing plant is located. With a production capacity of 500 tons per month, Ecoplan supplies many sectors where there is a need for specialized steel castings.

Ecoplan continues on this path of growth and diversification, increasingly investing more in technology, innovation, quality, productivity and other improvements, aiming at the full satisfaction of its customers, its employees and its local community.

500 tons of production per month


ECOPLAN Steel Castings is a company dedicated to the development of solutions in cast products in a great variety of steel alloys. Every month, up to 500 tons of materials are cast and machined in our facilities, into parts of up to 3 tons.

With its own and diversified line of products, using the lastest technology and relying on highly qualified professionals, the company stands out in the supply of spare and wear parts for heavy construction and mining segments, while operating in several other market segments.

Basing its guidelines and strategies on commitment to ethics, respect for its employees and customers and awareness of its social role, Ecoplan Steel Castings seeks, through its Quality Policy, continuous improvement in all of its processes and services, supporting its convictions in research, innovation and in encouraging and valuing its employees to exceed the expectations of its customers.


Act in the steel industry offering efficient and innovative solutions based on commitment and ethics, generating value for the developing society.


To be recognized worldwide in the market in which it operates, continually seeking excellence in results and sustainable development.



To Honor commitments before anything else. This has been the basis of this company’s conduct since its foundation, where ethics and integrity guide every decision. It means that we base our actions not only on what is necessary, but also on what is right and fair.


Our main goal is the perpetuation of our company, the ability to cross generations. That is why we are conscientious in the pursuit of achievable goals, focusing on consistent and sustainable results, generating economic and financial strength.


Above all, we value life, promoting health, safety, well-being and diversity in our organization, generating opportunities for personal growth and professional improvement.


Full customer satisfaction through careful assistance and the excellence of our products and services is a fundamental part of our institutional values, generating relationships based on trust and respect.
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