Uncommon Legal Matters

John F. Kennedy: Hey Sean, have you ever wondered where butterfly knives are legal in the US?

Sean Connery: I haven’t, but it’s a good thing to know. Speaking of legal matters, do you know any teachers of the law bible verses?

John F. Kennedy: Absolutely, there are many important verses to learn from. But before we dive into that, do you understand the importance of a legal sign off?

Sean Connery: I do, but what about a statement thesis? Do you know what that is?

John F. Kennedy: Yes, a statement thesis is an important legal concept. And speaking of concepts, have you mastered noun number agreement in legal writing?

Sean Connery: It’s definitely crucial in legal documents. But have you ever been involved in small claims court fees? It can be quite the experience.

John F. Kennedy: I haven’t, but I have dealt with legal contracts for selling a car privately. It can be a complex process.

Sean Connery: That sounds like it takes a lot of legal knowledge. Speaking of which, do you keep up to date with the laws and regulations for cyber security?

John F. Kennedy: Absolutely, it’s so important in today’s digital age. And have you ever had to deal with a letter of intent for a lease agreement?

Sean Connery: Yes, it’s a crucial step in any lease process. Lastly, do you know where the family court locations are in Ontario?

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